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Monday, November 9, 2009

Roasted Chicken Enchiladas

Hola! Who loves Mexican food, please raise your hand? I'm sure I would see my husband's hand in that crowd. He loves Mexican food. A taco truck nearby his work is one of his favorite places. I can only shake my head...oh boy...

Oh well, to be a good wife and make him happy, tonight's dinner will be enchiladas. It's simple and I consider it semi-homemade food. It requires quite a few prep side dishes but it's very simple to put it together. I have to thank Pedro Romo for this idea of making enchiladas. Have you watched the comedy show about Mexican food? That's funny because the main ingredients of most dishes are pretty much the same.

How do you make burritos? tortilla, cheese, beans, meat
How do you make tacos? tortilla, cheese, beans, meat..
How do you make enchiladas? tortilla, cheese, beans, meat....

That show cracks me up!!

Roasted Chicken Enchiladas
Serving 8

1 Whole shredded roasted chicken. I prefer using this. It's my life saver! You can buy it at any grocery store and it's ready to eat.
1 15 oz Canned enchilada sauce. They come in different level of spicy: mild, medium, and hot. For me? hot! oh yeah without question
1 pack of Tortilla burrito size. I prefer using whole wheat tortilla to keep it healthy.
1 pint of Pico De Gallo.
2 cups of Mexican cheese. I buy the Mexican 4 cheeses. You can pick any kind of cheese you like. My friend likes Monterey Jack
Baking Dish
Refried beans, Mexican rice, and light sour cream for side dishes

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
Lay down a tortilla one at a time. Scoop sauce all over the tortilla and brush it to coat the area (just like when you sauce a pizza dough).

Start laying chicken from the middle edge or tortilla. Add pica de gallo, more sauce, and top with cheese. Roll it from the middle, then fold sides (one at a time) to middle to close the cap. Keep rolling till its end. Place on a baking dish. Do not stuff the chicken otherwise the tortilla can break.

Keep doing one at a time till you run out of chicken. It should make 8 enchiladas for the whole chicken.
Brush sauce on top of enchiladas and on the sides, on the crack. I mean, yes, it's all covered with red sauce! Top with cheese.

Put in the oven for 7-10 mins until cheese melts. Volla!!

Serve with sour cream, refried beans, and Mexican rice. This dish is a crowd pleaser and you will be a rock star. I promise! The most happiest person for this dish would be my husband :-)


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