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Friday, February 5, 2010

Blogging, Bloggers, Ain't you tired of it?

I have gone through my cooking photos recently and I am realizing that I'm behind on updating the blog!  Up until now I have been committed to updating the blog once a week, which I thought was enough time.  At this pace, however, I will end up having a huge backlog of photos and wonderful things to share but with no time to upload all of it!

I have since established a new commitment to blog twice a week now (good start for 2010!). We will see how it goes. I've read some articles about blogging for new bloggers that say you should be consistent with the frequency of your posts...Okay, I'm that your readers can expect your post to be up and current. Twice a week it is!

Some of you asked me if I'm tired of blogging at this point. How do I have time to do it, you ask? Simple answer: I love what I'm doing. I've been searching for new interests for a while now and luckily enough I've found something! I've only blogged for a few months, but I feel it's a part of my life. Can you imagine how it must be for bloggers who have blogged for years!? I would imagine that seasoned bloggers that started out like me would feel at this point as if it's a habit like brushing your teeth!  Some of you have also asked me why I blog at all? I think the answer is that I like to share my cooking experiences and tell the world of what I've done. There are some recipes, of course, that have gone wrong but those are good too as they add to my "lessons learned".  The feeling you get after seeing your post is up, your blog is on a search engine, and your friends are talking about it, is GREAT. This is in addition to the feeling you get when your family and friends try your food and then compliment it..The bonus with the blog is that you make friends who have the same interests as yours; to share, encourage, and exchange ideas with one another. It's a food community here.

If you have things to share and are hesitating - DON'T. Just do it and don't be afraid, just as Julia Child said. You don't have to blog about food. You can blog about ANYTHING. I'm going to say it one more time "Just do it".

Have faith in yourself just like people have faith in you!


... said...

great post, i totally understand how you feel as i am new to blogging as well. i do it because i just love it! thanks for the friend request on foodbuzz. your photos are stunning. what camera do you use?

Tanantha P. said...

Thank You! My recent posts I've used Nikon D3000

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