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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Paseo- The Best Cuban Sandwich!


Grilled Chicken. It's so good that the hands are trying to catch if it falls..

I smelled like roasted onion...
Yes, I did. I was in the kitchen on Sunday evening trying to roast onions following Momofuku's cookbook instructions. The cooking time was 50 mins or so and you had to flip and turn every 10-15 mins. The result? My house smelled like onion. My hair, and clothes - even my dog - we all smelled like onion. The roasted onion itself smelled terrific! but when it comes to clothes, house, and your hair...not so much..

The line just started. It got longer when time passed

This roasted onion and the smoky flavor reminded me of Paseo Caribbean Restaurant in Ballard and also the Fremont area in WA. It claims to offer the best Cuban sandwich in town according to Seattle Magazine.It's also featured on several presses. Keith and I had to try out this place! One morning we were took us 45 mins to get there since we live down south and this place is sort of up north, but this didn't stop us for sure. We got there at 2 pm thinking the line wouldn't be too long as it was past lunch time. 

Na-uh...the line was 2-blocks long! It must be a common logic for others too. Dang! We weren't giving up. We were there. We were so close to getting this sandwich. First I thought this place might just be overrated from the press. However, if you look at the line, and all the stickers on the door, it confirms that you'd better try it out..

This place only takes cash. If you have a chance to go there, be prepared. It's open kitchen as you can see the kitchen from where you order. I could see flame..yes red the kitchen.

Study the menu on its web first! That sign is the only menu they have in-store. It's small and hard to read unless you know what you want to order. It's peer pressure from the line when it takes you so long to order!

It was really busy that day. I could only get a peek of the kitchen. Too bad I couldn't catch the flame..

We ordered for to-go as the seating was full. No questions asked, I ordered 3 sandwiches! I didn't know if I could finish but it took me hours to get to this point. I ordered the most popular one- Cuban roast, grilled chicken breast, and Midnight Cuban press. After we ordered, they gave us the ticket number. While waiting we ordered this refreshing mango orange soda called Jaritos. It was so good!

I didn't know if this was romantic or pathetic. We ate in the back of our SUV. The most popular - Cuban roast - was so succulent! Bread was hard and crispy. I watched food travel channel about a Cuban sandwich and they said a good Cuban sandwich is when you knock on it, it must have the echo sound, and this place did! According to its website, all sandwiches are on a lightly toasted baguette slathered with aioli (seasoned mayo) , fresh cilantro, pickled jalapeƱos, crisp romaine lettuce & crowned with caramelized onions.

Cuban Roast

No doubt on the roast. It was tender and melted in your mouth. Going back to why Momofuku's roasted onion reminded me of this place. The sandwich had roasted onions and the smokey flavor and smell of meat and bread. 

Cuban Roast
The only thing I didn't like was it was waaaaaaay too big...

The grilled chicken was amazing too. The chicken was cooked perfectly. It wasn't dry but moist. Chicken breast gets dry easily if you don't know how to cook. My husband liked it better than the Cuban roast. He thought the Cuban roast was too moist and it became smushy.

Grilled Chicken
The Midnight Cuban press was just okay to me. It had Cuban roast pork nestled atop sweet banana peppers, draped with slices of smoked ham; Swiss cheese melted between a hot press. I preferred  the regular roast.

Midnight Cuban Press

Midnight Cuban Press

Is this worth a trip? Definitely. If you're ever in the area, you should try it out.


Chef Dennis said...

what a great looking cuban sandwich...I can relate to smelling like onions...its the smell you love and hate at the same time

denise @ quickies on the dinner table said...

I've never had a cuban sandwich before, but boy do I want one now!

Lazaro Cooks! said...

Wonderful post. I enjoyed reading it. Funny to see a bit of Cuba in the Pacific Northwest.

Being from Miami, I walk out of my front door and trip over Cuban sandwiches.

Enjoyed reading it. Cheers!

Spicie Foodie said...

Aaw what one will do for the love of food:) I would have waited as long as you too, hehe. The sandwich looks amazing and the Jarritos are Mexican and are all so good, you should try the different flavors.

Tanantha P. said...

Lazaro, haha I know exactly what you mean. It's funny, isn't it? :)

Spicie Foodie, I'd love to try other flavors. I didn't even know what it was but saw people ordered it. I basically told them I didn't know what it was but I wanted the same thing!

Le said...

This cuban sandwich looks like a beast! (in a very good way of course). Sucks all the sandwiches here in nz are so puny and typical.

My Carolina Kitchen said...

There's nothing like a good Cuban sandwich. The best I've ever eaten was at a greasy spoon near the St. Petersburg airport in Florida. It was a drive-through and we ate at a table outside under a tree. I can still taste it.

Sashi said...

MMM looks so tasty just want to feast on it!

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