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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spicy Tofu Teriyaki with Ramen Noodles


Crazy weather in Seattle. After being below 70 degrees for 200+ days, it has hit the 90s in the past week. Today, it's back to below 70. What the heck? Excuse my language but seriously. I got sick because the weather keeps changing its mind. Anyway, life must go on.

Last weekend, I accepted a request from NAAAP-Seattle, a non-profit organization, and volunteered to prepare food for approximately 50 people at the membership drive picnic on Sunday. It was exhausting...but...I didn't regret it. I was bitching about it at the beginning, but with patience and support from friends we finished the task. It was a success and priceless experience. Details of the menu and event will be posted soon!

To continue the love for ramen, we will talk ramen here. I like the texture and chewiness of ramen noodles that pasta or any other kind of noodle doesn't have. It's fresh flour-and-water noodles made with  alkaline salts. There are no eggs in the mixture. The yellow color isn't from eggs but from the chemical reaction between flour and salts. Not only are they good with a hot soup, but also in a stir-fry version.

Teriyaki places can be found on almost every corner in Seattle. You can probably bump into either a teriyaki place or Starbucks at each corner. The teriyaki sauce I used is adapted from the Wagamama cookbook. There's no corn starch or syrup added unlike store bought. It's super easy and tastes way better than a store-bought. I remembered having spicy teriyaki for lunch and dinner when I was in school. The portion was huge and it would cover 2 meals for me. Nowadays, I could finish the whole thing myself. Oh no, this is a bad sign of hitting 30 years of age!

My husband's face immediately lights up whenever I say let's order take-out spicy teriyaki tonight. They must add some kind of addictive sauce to it that makes him "high" in a sudden (?) It's a spicy Sriracha sauce! or else he's getting bored of my food..sigh..

We've had it with rice of course but the taste compliments better with ramen noodles. Believe me; try it with ramen noodles. I cooked with tofu but you can change to chicken or your choice of meat. Surprisingly, the tofu absorbs the sauce and the flavor is succulent. The trick of this dish is to not stir-fry the noodles and sauce. Yes, you heard me right. Just mix it.

Red Chili

Spicy Tofu Teriyaki with Ramen Noodles
Yield: 4

Spicy Teriyaki Sauce (makes about 1/2 cup)
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup light soy sauce
2 tbl sake
2 tsp black soy sauce - look carefully for a label of black soy sauce and not dark soy sauce; it's different
2 tsp garlic chili sauce or more for spicyness
1 tsp Sriracha

Directions for the sauce:
  • Place a sauce pan on low heat. Add sugar and light soy sauce. Simmer it until the sugar dissolves and the sauce is thicker
  • Add sake, black soy sauce, and garlic chili sauce; turn off the heat. Leave out a garlic chili sauce if you want a regular teriyaki sauce
  • Let cool completely. If you use it right away, the sauce is too liquidy
  • Set aside

Ingredients for the dish:
1/2 cup minus 4 tsp spicy teriyaki sauce (recipe above)
1/2 sweet onion, sliced
1 cup bean sprouts
1 cup shredded carrots
4 garlic cloves, chopped
2 tbl grapeseed oil or vegetable oil
1/2 cup sliced shitake mushroom (optional)
1 firm tofu package
1 lb fresh ramen noodles
4 tbl chopped scallions for garnish
2 red chillies, seeded and thinly sliced for topping

  • Cook ramen in boiling water for 5 mins until tender or follow the package instruction. Do need to add salt. It's unlike cooking pasta. Drain and divide it to 4 bowls. Pour 1 tsp of the teriayaki sauce over each bowl and coat well
  • Heat up a wok under medium high heat. When the wok is hot and about to smoke, add 2 tbl oil. You should hear a sizzling noise.
  • Add garlic and onion; stiring often. Remember how to work on a wok from the Pad Se Ew post? - Speed and motion are the key.
  • Add carrots and bean sprouts and half of the sauce; stiring it.
  • Add tofu and the remaining of the sauce. Stir fry gently because tofu can break easily until tofu is coated by the sauce. You could swirl a wok so that a spatula or wooden spoon doesn't touch tofu
  • Sitr fry everything about 7 mins or until they are cooked through and bean sprouts are partial crispy
  • Pour everything over prepared bowl
  • Sprinkle with scallions and red peppers, and add a splash of Sriracha if you prefer a big kick!

Without rice or noodles

On another note, I've been wanting to share these photos. I had a dozen of raw oysters with a South East Asian seafood sauce myself, with fried red onions and dill on top. YUM! I know I need to watch out my cholesterol!

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Magic of Spice said...

OK, so love the time you donated:) Next, stop on the 30 thing please, I hate feeling ancient:) Last, oh my goodness for this dish, and love the tips here...And yes I will do with tofu, but maybe add some shrimp:) Love it all!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tanantha!
The weather here is slightly on the crazy side as the rainy season does not seem to stop with temperatures wildly alternating!
Great recipe and beautiful explanation!
You are becoming Japanese!LOL
Best regards,

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

Looks amazing. Ramen can be incredible huh?

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

roxan said...

Ramen is one of my favorite favorite dishes! I grew up on instant ramen but was introduced to REAL ramen when I got older. I crave it all the time. I'll have to make that spicy teriyaki sauce, it sounds delicious.

Mo said...

Volunteering is SO rewarding, isn't it? It's a cliché but it's true. :)

This looks lovely! I've never had tofu teriyaki but I've enjoyed tons of other proteins that way so I'm sure it's delicious. :)

lequan@luvtoeat said...

Hey Tanantha! Huge kudos to you for volunteering! I think any time spent volunteering is time well spent. And you're allowed to complain a little if you're cooking for 50 people ;-). Heck, I complain just cooking for four. Teehee.

Your ramen looks and sounds divine! Spicy terriyaki is one of my favorite sauces. And omg those oysters! I would love to dine with you sometime. Hope you're feeling better now girl.

eam.david said...

Looks really good! Amazing photos of the oyster dish. Keep up the great work!

Julie M. said...

More ramen! You're killing me here! This looks just as delicious as the last post! Oh how I love ramen noodles.

I gave you a shout out at my blog. Be sure to stop by!

Lazaro Cooks! said...

I do not see how anyone could become bored with your wonderful cuisine. I find your food to be quite inspiring.

Love this spicy teriyaki tofu!


Pacheco Patty said...

I wish I was having spicy tofu teriyaki for lunch, but alas it's only leftovers from last night but I can dream! Seriously, this looks very good and I love noodle dishes like this anytime:-)

Magdalena said...

Everything look great!!!
Writing this, I can feel a little wind from little caressing my face...but it does not help too much...the hot is is nearly 11 pm and there is over 30 C degrees in my apartment...the air does not move...and we sit nearly naked, but it does not help (in Poland the air conditioning in private houses is a rare thing because theoretically, it is a cold country!).

Lindsay @ Pinch of Yum said...

I love your blog! I'll be back for more...

Monet said...

It is wonderful that you donated your time...I'm sure it was a lot of work, but I'm sure it blessed so many people. I loved how pretty your teriyaki looked on those spoons.

Biren said...

That's my kind of noodles. Love it with the tofu. I can eat this any time of the day.

denise @ quickies on the dinner table said...

Umm, what she said!!! LOL Kudos to your volunteering! But, please, stop making me jealous! I wish I were 30 again. *sigh*

Love your version of ramen. Totally comfort food for me YUM!! I could never, ever get tired of noodles!

roxan said...

Hey Tanantha! It makes 8 pitas... It's really easy to even pieces. Just cut the dough in half, and those halves into fourths. It's seriously so yummy and fluffy, you'll love it!

Chef Dennis said...

I would certainly trade you one of 90 degree days for a 70, our summer has been nothing more than one heatwave after another. what a great way to use Tofu, I rally have to do more with it at school! thanks so much for a great recipe, my girls do love asian cuisine!

Stella said...

Hey Tanantha, that's awesome that you did that charity work. I know it's hard at first, but it's all worth it in the end...
This looks so good by the way. I love anything Teriyaki style, so I might have to try this soon. I'm sure my Cauldron Boy would feel the same way your husband does about it, as he's a Teriyaki feign (smile)!

citronetvanille said...

Oh how sweet of you to volunteer! that is such a pretty dish combo, so colorful and full of flavors.

sweetlife said...

another great recipe, just came from your previous post and loving the noodles...great that you volunteer,


Lawyer Loves Lunch said...

I love how you've jazzed up regular ol' ramen. I'm a fan! :)

Judy said...

Thanks for more ramen, Tanantha. :) I love it! I was just thinking about ramen earlier today. Beautiful pictures of the oysters too!

Anncoo said...

Love the spicy teriyaki sauce. Looks so delicious and oyster is also one of my favorites. Everything look so yummy here.

Stella said...

Hey Tanantha! I was just checking in on you. I know your'e busy with your new gig and such...
I'll be back soon (smile).

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