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Monday, January 10, 2011

Mini Shrimp Cups


My body is aching from snowboarding this past weekend. It was my first run of 2011! The pain was worth it. I need to condition by going more often :).  I realized how badly out of shape I was; or maybe I must be old! It was snowing pretty much all day and the visibility wasn't that great. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people that day. Aside from snowboarding, we might have a snow storm today or tomorrow in Seattle. Yikes! 

How's 2011 treating you so far?

Back to the food, these mini cups are elegant but surprisingly easy to make. They are so good that I made them twice - first batch for the Christmas Party with the in-laws and the second for the New Year's Eve party that I hosted. They are crowd pleasers; I can guarantee you that. The bite size is adorable and makes them go fast!

As mentioned in the last post, I also made Rudolph red nosed cupcakes from Lisa @Korean American Mommy,  upside down pear green tea cake from Patty @ Patty's Food that I tweaked a little bit, and pretzel Hershey from Roxan @ Kitchen Meditation.

As far as the cupcakes (recipe's here), my friends loved them. They are so cute. I also boxed them as a gift for friends who couldn't make it to the party. I added a little vegetable shortening to thicken the frosting. Somehow my frosting was runny. I might have accidentally added too much powdered sugar-oops.

Patty asked me how I liked the cake. I tweaked it to a green tea cake, so I cut out chocolate and cocoa powder and added 1 full tsp of matcha green tea powder. It was good, especially eating it with a cup of hot tea. Next time, I will have to cut out the caramel part since it was too sweet for my taste buds (recipe is here). I didn't use a cast iron pan but used a cake pan instead. It worked fine.

Roxan's pretzels are super easy and adorable! I didn't have Hershey's so I used what I had on hand - Reeses cups.

Thanks for the awesome recipes you guys!

Other than that, I made the beverage that I had submitted to Denise's and Lazaro's Cocktail Contest. This time I used pomegranate and cranberry juice. Over all the party was a success. Everyone was happy and full. Celebrating with good company and good food was a great way to start year 2011!

Pomegranate Cranberry, Lychee, and Ginger Ale drink.  Half had gone already!

Dinner is ready!

Happy 2011.

Mini Shrimp Cups
Tweak slightly from Cooking Light, Dec issue
Yield: 37 cups

1 tbs water
1 tbs honey
2 tsp canola or vegetable oil
1 package gyoza skins (about 30-40 skins depending on the brand)

1 cup finely chopped celery
1 cup chopped seeded tomato
1/2 cup light mayonnaise or more if needed
1/4 cup chopped fresh chives
1 tsp minced seeded jalapeno pepper (I used 3 tbs!)
1 tsp lime zest
3 tbs lime juice
1 tbs Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 lb cooked peeled deveined shimps, chopped

Mini muffin tray

  • If you'd like to make it ahead of time so that you won't have to be too busy on the day of, you can chop all the herbs and vegetables in a separate containers. The mayo mixture in another container. On the day of, bake the gyoza skins, mix the mixture and everything else together. Fill the cups before serving.
  • I used cooked shrimp instead of crab meat but you can change to any kind of seafood you like.
  • Preheat oven to 350 F. The recipe calls for 375 F but I find it's too hot and sort of burns the gyoza skins. I decrease the temperature and increase time.
  • Mix mayonnaise, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, and black pepper.
  • Mix celeray, tomato, chives, jalapeno, zest, and shimps in another bowl.
  • Mix the mayonnaise mixture into shrimp mixture; refrigerate.
  • Prepare the gyoza skin. Combine water, honey, and oil in a small bowl.
  • Brush gyoza skin one at a time with the water mixture on both side.
  • Place it on a mini muffin tray; pressing it firmly into base of cups.
  • Repeat it until you fill the tray.
  • Bake at 350 F for 15 mins or until golden brown. When it's close to 15 mins, check the cups if they are not burn and adjust the time accordingly.
  • Cool in pans on a wire rack. Carefully remove cups from pans.
  • Fill each up with the shrimp mixture and serve.

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Sharmilee! :) said...

Looks so cute :)

Emily said...

A happy 2011 to you! The shrimp cups looked amazing...and surprisingly they looked easy to make.
By the way, I'm out of shape too. My legs were aching from just walking around the zoo, what a disgrace right? Maybe that's the downside for spending too much in the kitchen snacking where I should have been in the gym exercising, sigh!

Faith said...

Happy 2011! The mini shrimp cups look really delicious...very light and full of bright, fresh flavors! I can see how these would be a huge success at any party! Yummy desserts too...your Rudolph cupcakes are super cute! I'm definitely bookmarking the recipe!

Pacheco Patty said...

Hi Tanantha! Shrimp, snow and sharing your experiences make for an interesting and fun post;-)
I like the way you reworked the upside down pear cake, I want to try baking with tea and also drinking more tea.
I don 't care how fit you are, skiing uses different muscles and always makes you sore the first time you ski for the season. But, you look good snowboarding and I love the mini shrimp cups, a great party offering. I hope you hit the slopes often this season and get over the sore muscle stage!

Magdalena said...

Hello! Very good - looking cups, and, as always a great dish on you blog :)
Jealous that you were snowboarding - unfortunately, it is prohibited in my case (like skiing - I used to ski).
Happy New Year :)

Stella said...

Hey Tanantha! Your shrimp cups look so good to me right now. I haven't eaten hardly anything today, as I'm a bit sick. I can feel myself wanting food finally when I look at them. That's nice (smile). Food!
Ooh, and I like the cupcakes-those are too cute. And the recipe must be really good for you to use it twice;) I'm telling you though, my 'Best Ever Vegan Chocolate Cake' would have been better for your man (no cholesterol-smile) and it's awesome. Okay, I sound like a car salesman...:)
Hope you're having a great week, Tanantha.

lequan said...

Hey Tanantha,

my body is aching from snow too, but not snowboarding, shoveling...sigh. looks like you had a great party with lost of yummy eats. those Rudolph cupcakes are too cute. i'll bet my kiddies would have eaten everything but the cupcake...haha. i'm usually the one stuck with eating their plain cupcake. i love your shrimp cups. it's so true that when things are mini sized, they tend to go quicker. with me there though i don't think you'd have time to even snap a picture of them (wink). hope you're having a great start to 2011!

Angie's Recipes said...

Too much sweets during last two weeks...way too much.
These party cups look very pretty and appetizing.
A happy 2011 to you and yours too!

Lazaro Cooks! said...

Fantastic shrimp cups. Great job!

~Lisa~ said...

What a great party T! I love that you made my reindeer cupcakes (= And so jealous you were snowboarding. I really must go skiing soon, its been so long. Happy New Year!

Magic of Spice said...

Your shrimp cups look delightful...
love these beauties. And I remember Patty's cake, nice rendition :) And those pretzels are just too cute. Everything looks wonderful :)

denise @ quickies on the dinner table said...

Hi Tanantha! Hope you're having a great 2011!

If you are out of shape, then I should stop eating for at least 2 weeks!!! Christmas is always SO hard on the hips! *sigh*

Your shrimp cups look awesome, and you look lovely, in the group pic :)

Monet said...

I remember how sore I would feel after skiing that first run of the season. I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself. I can't believe how much snow is falling everywhere! These shrimp cups are such a beautiful treat. I would love to serve these at a dinner party I'm hosting next month. Thank you for sharing with me. Stay warm and safe during the rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

the mini shrimp cups look just divine :)

Chef Dennis said...

I can't imagine snow boarding at my age....sigh....I'm glad you got out and had a good time! Your feast looks amazing as usual, and I can see why those gorgeous little shirmp cups made the top 9 today!!
Great job my friend!

Anncoo said...

Congratulations Tanantha, You're on Foodbuzz Top 9!
Your mini shrimp cups looks so beautiful ad yummy. Happy 2011!

The Housewife Diary said...

These Shrimp cups look delicious! Beautiful picture. Also congrats on your FB Top 9!

Anonymous said...

Loving your little shrimp cups - terrific flavors with lime, jalapeno and chives!

les 2 gourmands said...

they're so delicate !!!

Maria said...

The shrimp cups look beautiful and delicious! Great recipe!

MaryMoh said...

That's a lot of mouth-watering bites. I love your shrimp cups. They look so pretty. Oh, the snow. My daughter loves that. She is going snowboarding tomorrow. I would rather stay in and enjoy hot soup, hot drinks and snacks :D

A little bit of everything said...

What a great party Tanantha! Happy New Year.
The shrimp cups looked amazing...and easy to make.
I love those reindeer cupcakes, saw them on Lisa's blog.

Congratulation on Top 9

Have a wonderful week


She's Cookin' said...

Your little shrimp cups are adorable! So bright and full of fresh flavors - a lovely light appetizer for any occasion. Congrats on the Top 9, too!

Stella said...

Hey Tanantha!
I just came over to tell you 'thanks!' for your sweet comment on my post. I really appreciate it...:)
Hope you guys have a warm, cozy weekend. It's too cold out there!

Biren @ Roti n Rice said...

Hey Tanatha! Hope you are having a great start to 2011. It's a busy one for me as I have company. Those shrimp cups look awesome! They make wonderful appetizers.

Spicie Foodie said...

Hi Tanantha:) Wow your New Year's eve feast looks scrumptious. I like your changes to Patty's pear cake, Matcha oh how yummy. I hope you have lots more snowboarding days, have fun.

Jessie said...

Those Rudolph cupcakes are so cute! And the shrimp cups are mouth-watering - I'll bet they were a HUGE hit! I'm definitely inviting you to my next party if you ever come out to CT - both for your awesome food and your wonderful company! :)

I'm impressed with your mad snowboarding skillz - the only time I ever got on a snowboard, I spent more time on my face than I did vertically. Oh, well :)

Happy 2011, Tanantha!

Mary said...

Ohhhh my! These sound amazing!!!!!

Great blog! Happy I found you!

Delightful Bitefuls

tigerfish said...

Pretty crispy cups with luscious shrimps fills :)

Spicie Foodie said...

Hi Tanantha, Thank you for participating in this months YBR :)

Liv Wan said...

Oh my, that's so cute. I love these mini shrimp cups. Thank you for sharing this awesome recipe. I love it. :D

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