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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Roasted Pork with Blackberry Balsamic Reduction, and Potato & Beet



I'm officially 30.
Gosh. I'm old.
(I know some of you would yell at me to shut up - 30 isn't old!)

There are many things come to my life. Come and go. Good and bad. New and old. I don't take things for granted but feel fortunate to meet great people.

When I was young, 30 is old. I now am 30, and I don't feel any difference from being on late twenties yet. My friends said you will at some point.  Kids come to a marriage life equation. I know it's joy and blessing to have kids. However, I don't know if I want them yet. I just feel I should. New ideas of doing and trying things still keep popping in my head. I have to tell myself to stop and think; do it one at a time.

This past few weeks have been very busy for me. We have a new employee at work that I need to train. My boss was in town, technical Problem at my blog. All committed occasions that we have to attend, birthdays (there are so many Scorpios!), traveling, and the new gig. They keep me very busy. I feel like I need a break. A glass of wine before bedtime completes my day. Since the Europe trip, I've realized a glass of wine a day isn't bad and it helps me sleep well! It may help me build up an alcohol tolerance and I won't be a "Red Lobster" at a social function again. With all that said, the lucky part is that I don't have gray hairs yet! Yippee. Hahaha.

I apologize for not being around a blogosphere much. It has been hectic for me recently and I've been so bad at getting back to people.

So, this dish I made a little while back. I didn't write a measurement down so I didn't remember how much I put but it's pretty easy that you don't need a recipe for this. You get the idea of the dish and you will get it. I'm sorry if this post sounds lousy but I don't want to give you wrong measurements!

Before anything else, I'd like to shout out some news.

First, the new piece on the IE has been up for sometime. This piece got an input from two familiar bloggers - Roxan @ Kitchen Meditation, and Lazaro @ Lazaro Cooks. Please check it out here.

Second, Nancy @ Spicie Foodie just launched her cookbook. Please check it out here.


Roasted Pork Ball with Blackberry Balsamic Reduction, and Potato & Beet
Yield: 4



2 pork balls. I got these balls from a farmer's market.
Salt and pepper
Smoked paprika
Cayenne pepper
Balsamic Vinegar about 1/2  cup
Black Berries about 1/2 cup
Sugar about 2 tbs
Red and Yokon potatoes, cubed into small bites
Beet, peeled and cubed into small bites
Chopped sage about 1 tbs
4 tbs Butter, divided
Olive oil


  • Season pork with salt, pepper, smoked paprika, and cayenne pepper on both sides.
  • Preheat the oven to 400 F.
  • Heat up a skillet on medium high heat. Add butter and olive oil. Wait until butter is bubbling, sear pork on both sides. Pour hot butter-oil from the pan over the pork. Pop the skillet in the oven and bake for about 40-45 mins or to your desire of doneness, or the thermometer reaches 165.
  • In a meantime, heat up another skillet and add 2 tbs butter and olive oil. Add potatoes and beets in a skillet. Season with salt, pepper, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, and sage. Cover with a lid and let the stove works the magic. Stir occasionally. It will take about half hour.
  • Bring a small sauce pan on a stove. Add balsamic vinegar, berries, and sugar. Bring to boil, then reduce heat to simmer. Simmer it until it's reduced by half.
  • With leftover beet, cut into match sticks. Pan fried them. Set aside.
  • Brush the balsamic on pork both sides. Slice the pork and drizzle the balsamic over.
  • Place sliced pork and drizzle with berry balsamic. Add potato/beet on the side. Top with fried beet.





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Pacheco Patty said...

Hi Tanantha, Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, you are always a bright spot in my day:) I think you've put together an amazing savory dish here with some of my favorite flavors. I like pork roast with fruit and the blackberry reduction is a wonderful idea. Congrats on your big birthday, I can't even remember 30, LOL, maybe 40 but that too is a stretch!

lequan said...

Hi Tanantha,

Happy belated birthday, my friend! Regarding your comment on my blog, no, my son's birthday wasn't this weekend. We just had to wait until the weekend for my in-laws to fly in to celebrate with him. I hope you had a wonderful birthday this past weekend.

You know what? Not that I'm any kid expert, but having been there, done that, definitely enjoy all your traveling before you have kids. If you're not ready then just wait till you're ready. The only thing I regret is that hubby and I never travelled as much as we could have before we had kids. Plus, just enjoy your alone times with your hubby, cause once kids come, alone time is rare.

Anyways, I'm not a pork eater but I do love the presentation of your dish. The way you cooked it sounds marvelous as well. Aside from the fact that it's pork meat, I'm in love with your dish. Such wonderful combination of flavors. If that was beef, I'm sure I'd gobble it down faster than you could say pork ;-). Lovely recipe, Tanantha. I hope things will calm down soon so you can have some much deserved rest. Wine always helps me wind down, even if I do look like a lobster :-D.

denise @ quickies on the dinner table said...

"So many Scorpios"??! ROFL I think you're right, cos I'm one too :D

Hope you had a wonderful birthday
Tanantha and really, age is just a number unless you let it be anything else!

Love your roast pork with its rich and earthy flavours. Beautiful presentation too!!

Anncoo said...

Hi Tanantha, Happy belated birthday to you.

I just made roast pork two days ago and I'm going to add the ingredients in this post, looks so delicious.

Roxan said...

Oh so true, a glass of wine is a great end to the day! Plus, one glass of wine is supposedly good for you, because it has antioxidants and what not. Yup, what I keep telling myself!

I didn't know your birthday passed! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Welcome to your thirties :) I think you're only a couple months younger than me.

And most definitely - stop and do one thing at a time :) It's hard for me to do that too... i end up getting overwhelmed a lot. I need to make that my mantra!

Lazaro Cooks! said...


Happy Happy entrance into the thirties, I've been here a bit, welcome. You have many wonderful things headed your way. You are a sweet, intelligent, passionate person that is really going places.

My kind of pork dish. Love the blackberry reduction. Kudos on a tasty plate.

Magic of Spice said...

30 old? That is too funny ;)
Beautifully prepared dish...and a glass of wine in the evening is most definitely a good thing :)

Stella said...

Happy Birthday, Tanantha! I loved my 30th year (smile). I was young & beautiful and I felt it, so I hope you do too. It really is a wonderful time in life-you'll see when you have a bit more life to compare it to... Even two to three years down the road is very different;-)
Anyway, this pork with blackberry reduction looks amazing. If I wasn't a veggie eater now, I would go crazy on it (smile).

Monet said...

Hi sweet woman...I've been missing you so I was happy to see this post. Happy Birthday! You are going to have an amazing 30th year, I'm sure! And this pork looks spectacular. Blueberry balsamic reduction? Wow! Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday night!

Chef Dennis said...

I have clothing older than 30...sigh....I love that pork it looks so flavorful, and the blackberry balsamic reduction is such a wonderful sauce for that lovely pork!!
Happy belated birthday!

Angie's Recipes said...

Tanantha, Happy Birthday!!!
The roasted pork looks so very tempting! I like the side too.

Juliana said...

Wow Tanantha, this roasted pork just made my mouth sure looks so tasty, moist and full of how you presented.
Happy Belated Birthday :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great celebration! The pork looks excellent, the blackberry balsamic reduction is so perfect to go with it and I like the addition of beets too.

Marisa said...

Happy birthday! I'm a scorpio too! This dish is beautiful--really well composed. The blackberry balsamic sounds awesome. I would lick my plate clean!

Jessie said...

I can imagine that turning 30 is a big mental transition. I've always had the benefit of an older sister who sort of "paved the way" for me as I was growing up, but now ... I think at 26, I'm paving the way for myself now :)

I completely understand you not being around as much - I mean, my goodness, look at your to-do list! Just take the time you need to get stuff done, and enjoy your nightly class of wine :D

Hugs to a fellow Scorpio!

Spicie Foodie said...

Hi 30 year lady :) Wow it sounds like you need another vacation to get away from all of that work. Tanantha don't let anyone push you into the baby thing. It's up to you and when you feel ready. (I constantly get nagged about it by my Mom) Your recipe sounds amazing, sweet,spicy and a little tart just perfect! It doesn't mater if there aren't exact measurements we can all see how great you made it. Your food always looks like a 5 star restaurant! I read your newest article a while ago and loved it. Sounds like my holidays.
Get ready cause I'm going to give you a big bear hug, squeeeezzzzeee! That's for being so supportive and for your b-day:) Have a great weekend.

Biren @ Roti n Rice said...

Life gets busy at 30 and then it flies off the cliff around 40 when your kids keep you even more busy..haha! I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

The roasted pork, balsamic glaze, potatoes, and beets sound delicious. It all looks very juicy and flavorful.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I loooove blackberries...I bet they are a fantastic addition to the pork! Thanks for sharing and happy belated birthday :)

~Lisa~ said...

This dish is my kind of meal when you're craving a meat and potato dish. Love the flavors. And um, you can;t get rid of the asian glow, no matter your tolerance hehehe and glass a wine a day is actually beneficial for you (=

~Lisa~ said...

OH and happy belated bday. 30 is the new 20's no one told hou? lol

Magdalena said...

Happy Birthday!
You know now, when I am 36 I think, that I am still young and I feel better when I turned into 30.
I like this recipe a lot, especially that you decided to use beets - the vegetable, which is frequently used in Polish cooking, but which is, in general, not popular in the West.
I love your creation.

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