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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Buttermilk Dinner Rolls and Pom Yogurt Breakfast



I like this time of year.
With all the decorations, Christmas light displays, and cold weather touching my cheeks, all together it brings a smile to my face. I get to wear my winter boots, hat, scarf, gloves, and a warm jacket. Walking to see decorated houses with the hubs and Bella is such a blessing. You hear laughing from people around you and all the wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree. How could you not love it, right?

This year I made Keith give me his wish list. I swear finding a perfect gift for him is more challenging than taking the GMAT test. He doesn't tell you anything. Even his own mother is facing a challenging time. Every time I ask, he only says, "I don't know. I don't want anything". You have to think strategically and logically to find out. He wants something like a new car and such - which is impossible - and I thought to myself "kick my ass".

When he gets a gift and he likes it, he will say something like "Oh, I wanted this". Then, why didn't you tell us? Sigh. Men.

Anyway leaving that story aside, although it's cold outside, walking into a warm cozy home can change your mood. By that I mean, happy. The smell of food or baking fills the house. Ummm...yeah...

I found this dinner roll recipe in a Cooking Light magazine. It looks easy and delicious. So I gave it a try. I actually made it twice. The first batch, I made the rolls smaller size by half to make a mini burger for catering. The second batch is for us and friends. They turn out great except that the second batch I left them in the oven with the heat off and they were sort of a little overbaked. However, all that matters is the taste right? hehe. These rolls are perfect for Christmas dinner too.

First batch for mini burgers

Buttermilk Dinner Rolls
Adapted from Cooking Light
Yield: 18 rolls

1 1/4 cups warm buttermilk (100 to 110 F)
2 tbs sugar
1 tbs honey
1 package dry yeast
3 tbs butter, melted and divided
1 tsp salt
3 cups AP flour
1 tbs olive oil
2 tbs toasted black sesame seeds (optional)

  • Combine buttermilk, sugar, honey in a bowl. Sprinkle yeast over milk mixture and let stand about 3-5 mins until it's "foamy". 
  • Stir in 2 tbs of butter and salt. Add flour to the wet mixture. Beat at low speed. If you have a stand mixer, change the hook to dough hook and beat it at low speed. If you have a hand mixer like I do, it's okay to use the beaters that come with it. Beat it at low speed until it's formed an elastic dough and doesn't have a mixture left on the side.
  • Dough will be sticky and elastic. In another bowl, coat it with olive oil; swirl to coat. Place dough in the bowl; turning to coat top.
  • Cover with plastic wrap and let it rise at room temperature or in the oven with the heat off for 1 hr, or until doubled in size.
  • Punch the dough down on a lightly floured surface. Cut the dough to your preferred size. The recipe calls for 13 balls but I did 18 balls.
  • Form the cut dough into a ball one at a time. Let it rise more for another 1 hr.
  • Preheat the oven to 375 F.
  • Sprinkle black sesame seeds on top of each ball. Bake for 20 mins or until the rolls are golden. Remove rolls from pan; let cool on a wire rack.
The next dish Pom yogurt breakfast. I had Greek yogurt left and Pom juice from Pom Wonderful (I have them for a while but don't get a chance to work on it until now! - I know). I used whatever I have left in the pantry and fridge so you feel free to put anything you like. This is so simple that I'm embarrassed to post. It looks adorable enough to be on IJLMP hehe.

Served with peanut butter banana bread

Pom Yogurt Breakfast
Yield: 2

1 cup Greek yogurt
3 tbs Pom juice
1 tbs caster sugar (this can be adjusted depending on your preferred sweetness)
1 banana

Cereal or oatrolls
Dried fruit such as cranberries or raisins
Toasted almonds
White chocolate powder

Arrange banana slices in a glass or bowl.

  • Whisk yogurt, sugar, and pomegranate juice until the sugar is dissolved and combined.
  • Peel and slice banana. Arrange them in a prepared bowl or glass. Pour yogurt on top. Add cereals or oat rolls, and more yogurt. Add dried fruit and more yogurt. Top with almonds and chocolate powder.

    I'm ready to start the day

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    Pacheco Patty said...

    I love your comment, "I'm ready to start my day" - that is the best explanation of why I should try your delicious looking breakfast concoction, yum, good fuel for a busy life:) I love making my own dinner rolls, thanks for sharing this recipe- it looks great:)

    Evan @swEEts said...

    We love mini burgers :) They're a common occurrence in our household! And these rolls are absolutely perfect! I'd come over to your house for breakfast or dinner any day of the week! Hope you're enjoying this wintery season!!

    lequan said...

    Hey Tanantha,

    Omg! My hubby is exactly the same way! Sometimes when I find out he's interested in something, I have to run out and buy it right away and then save it for ammunition. Lol.

    There's seriously nothing better than walking into a house filled with the lovely, sweet smells of freshly baked goods. I really love the simplicity of a dinner roll. They're so simple they go well with so many things. What a creative and yummy looking breakfast.

    Chef Dennis said...

    Hi Tanantha
    I guess I do know what you mean about gifts....I always feel bad asking for things that are too expensive, and lets face it I'm old, I got all the inexpensive things
    your buttermilk dinner rolls sound like such a treat, I would have loved to see the mini burgers! And adding pom to greek yogurt is such a wonderful idea, I will definitely be trying that soon!

    She's Cookin' said...

    Your Pom yogurt is most definitely a great way to start the day! And, there will be a lot of football going on here and mini burgers/sliders are most appreciated - love the buttermilk and how easy those rolls are :)

    GMAT Test said...

    Nice blog! I like your photos. I'm doing practice GMAT here: . I hope it's useful for GMAT test takers.

    pigpigscorner said...

    Good breakfast=good start! and I know what you mean, my hubs is like that too!

    Emily said...

    Yeah, men....sometimes they are worse than women when it comes to verbalising what they want, lol! :P Picking gifts is always challenging unless you're picking out gives for yourself, hehe! Anyway, it seems like you have your holiday breakfast covered with these homemade rolls and yoghurt.... I may copy your holiday breakfast to impress my man. :P

    Stella said...

    Hey Tanantha! Your rolls look great. I wouldn't have known you left them in the oven too long, as they just look golden delicious;)
    Oh, and I love this time of year too. There is something so romantic about freezing one's tush off (smile)!

    Faith said...

    You're right, this is such a wonderful time of year! I enjoy the chilly weather too (is it bad that I still like to play in the snow, lol?), and then going in for a cup of hot chocolate. It feels like Christmas. :) The rolls look fantastic! I bet they're wonderful to serve as a side to a nice meal, or they would be great to turn into mini sandwiches. Your yogurt breakfast is a beautiful way to start the day!

    Roxan said...

    Hahaha, Eric is the same way. I've been bugging and bugging him to send me his christmas wish list and he finally sent it to me. guess what was on it? Just a meat thermometer to replace the one that's broken -.- Can't he think of anything better?!

    Anonymous said...

    It's a great time of the year, lots of excitement everywhere :) Your rolls look terrific, perfect for mini burgers. And that pom yogurt breakfast is sure a great way to start the day!

    Angie's Recipes said...

    Not many things better than some freshly baked buttermilk rolls with a nice bowl of yogurt to start a day!

    Marisa said...

    I know I would get full on these dinner rolls--before dinner even starts! They are perfect for mini burgers. You are so right about gift shopping for men--it is so much harder! I'm always stumped when it comes to getting gifts for the men in my family.

    whatsfordinneracrossstatelines said...

    I've taken that test and it is hard, so I can only imagine. These rolls looked so good, I had to come over and read the recipe. Have to try these.

    Foodessa said...

    Although I have yet to make dinner rolls...I agree that these would be a great welcome into a warm cosy home Tanantha ;0) Great recipe for you to share with us.

    BTW...Hubby and I stopped the gift giving a while ago because we both used to answer that we didn't need anything. However, when we're together shopping...we spoil ourselves.
    Most importantly...we've gotten more involved with giving to the less fortunate ;) and that's the best gift ever!

    Ciao for now,

    MaryMoh said...

    Lovely rolls and breakfast. Oh, I just wonder whether all men are like that cos my hubby is also like that....haha. Sometimes I thought they are boring.....don't know what they want. I told my hubby that I will buy what I like for his birthday or other occasions so when he doesn't like it, I can have it!!!! :PP

    ~Lisa~ said...

    The rolls look so comforting. Can't go wrong with buttermilk either (= I say give your hubs nothing and see what he says hahaha j/k

    Green Girl @ A little bit of everything said...

    After such a nutritious breakfast like your I'd ready to start the day too :P
    love you mini burgers, they seem perfect to me, stop being so harsh on yourself
    hope you're having a wonderful week

    Sharmilee! :) said...

    Looks total yum

    Monet said...

    Buying gifts for my man has been a bit tricky too. He always says he doesn't want anything (but I know it isn't true!) I'm hoping he likes what I got him this year! Good luck with your gift-giving endeavors. These rolls look delicious, by the way. I wish I had some with my soup today. Thank you so much for sharing with me tonight. I hope you have a wonder-filled Friday!

    Karolina said...

    So easy to make. I think I will try them this weekend. :) And I love the idea of mini burgers! YUM! ;)

    Spicie Foodie said...

    Tanantha both the dinner rolls and your breakfast sound delish! I will be putting the rolls on my list to bake for our Christmas dinner. The breakfast is a perfect way to start the day, filling and delicious. I have to tell you that I'm just like your hubby:) I never say anything and make my husband work hard, hehe.

    Jessie said...

    That's so true about men! I ask my dad what he wants for xmas, and he says "come out and visit", and I say "ok, I'm already doing that. How about something tangible?" "Oh, I don't want anything." And then he's thrilled with what I get him (which I've been wracking my brains over!). Men! :P

    I lvoe your butter milk rolls! You're right - as long as they taste good, who cares if they're a little overbaked? ;) I definitely think your Pom Yogurt Breakfast is adorable enough for your blog :)

    Have a great day, Tanantha! (And great trip, I think you said?)

    Lazaro Cooks! said...


    Have a wonderful and safe trip, my friend.

    Be Good

    Juliana said...

    Tanantha, both look delicious the dinner rolls so soft and the yogurt with Pom juice is definitely a great start :-)

    denise @ quickies on the dinner table said...

    Tanantha - you're the only person I know who enjoys putting on winter clothes .... except for me LOL

    Yes, men are really challenging to get gifts for - probably because they are pretty clueless about what they themselves like, until they see it :D

    I love the idea of mini burgers. Pity they are not common over here. I will have to try topping my buns with black sesame seeds next time!

    Biren @ Roti n Rice said...

    I love my boots and jackets too. If only it isn't so cold here in Minnesota....sigh! Yes, it is very challenging to get gifts for the hubby. I struggle with it very year.

    Your rolls llok so inviting. I have been so sidetracked with cakes and cookies that I have not been making my favorite bread. Will have to whip up a batch of fresh rolls for Christmas.

    Magic of Spice said...

    Lovely rolls...and yogurt breakfast too :)
    So funny about your hubby...
    Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday, and give Bella a big Holiday hug from Koko and I :)

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