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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche on Toast from Nature's Pride

Cool breeze, light traffic on the highway, and warm coffee in hand - it's a beautiful morning. I haven't appreciated life much lately. Sometimes you ignore what you have. As long as you get yourself back and don't take things for granted, that's all good. A lot of things have changed at work, and my health has been not so good. I was frustrated at the situation but on the other hand it's not that bad. It makes me stronger and helps me see things I haven't been able to. When things are changed from the way they used to be, people can have a hard time adjusting to it. Do we just make it seem too difficult? This is nothing compared to those who have more problems or worse problems. I should chin-up, smile, and good things will come.

Life is beautiful but complex. That's the beauty of it. You either enjoy it or don't. I choose to enjoy it.

Nature's Pride is working with Food Buzz to promote their new product. With their generosity, I received one free package of whole wheat bread from Nature's Pride and Food Buzz. Since we tend to make things too complicated, I will make something simple but flavorful. There's no recipe really. You just have to put it together. It's the dish you can't screw up! I cut out bread by using 2" biscuit cutter. They are so cute and good for bite size morsels.

Crunchy from the grains, sweet from raw honey, creamy sour from creme fraiche, and  saltiness from the smoked salmon work beautifully together. It's perfect for an appetizer or cocktail party.

Thank you Nature's Pride for another great product!

Cut out the bread by using biscuit cutter

Smoked Salmon and Creme Fraiche on a Toast from Nature's Pride
Yield: 8 bites

2 slices Nature's Pride bread
2 tsp raw honey
8 tsp creme fraiche
lemon zest
8 slices smoked salmon
salt and black pepper

Biscuit cutter
Baking sheet

  • Use a biscuit cutter to cut out bread. It should provide 4 pieces per slice.
  • Sprinkle brown sugar on top of each cut bread.
  • Run the bread under broiler until toasted.
  • Drop honey onto each cut bread. 
  • Scoop creme fraiche (about 1 full tsp) onto each bread and top with smoked salmon.
  • Sprinkle with salt and pepper and lemon zest
Sprinkle with brown sugar and run it under broiler

Drizzle honey on the toast and drop creme fraiche on each

Top with smoked salmon, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and lemon zest

Thank you Nature's Pride and FoodBuzz

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Marisa said...

Delicious! Simple is my favorite way to go. And I know it is a smaller detail, but I love that little dab of honey before the creme fraiche!

A little bit of everything said...

what a beautiful appetizer Tanantha.
Perfect for any kind of party.
love the sweetness from the honey combined with the smokiness of the salmon. Delicious
Thanks for sharing

Roxan said...

T I love coming to your page w the new fresh look!
Sorry to hear things haven't been going so well. Things haven't really been on the up and up for me either, and it's easy to lose sight of things. Sigh, at least it's spring now. time to rejuvenate!

Chef Dennis said...

hi Tanantha

what a perfect presentation of that lovely salmon! your images are gorgeous!! the creme friache goes so well with the salmon and the honey is such a nice touch!

Magic of Spice said...

Sorry you are having a bit of a rough have a wonderful spirit and great attitude so I know things will brighten :)
Your appetizers are gorgeous and I love the though of honey with the creme fraiche, gorgeous!

LeQuan said...

Aww, I'm sorry things are a bit rough for you right now Tanantha. Keep up that great attitude of yours and things will start to brighten soon. Stay strong and hang in there, my dear. Hope you feel better soon.
Love the blend of texture and tastes in this dish. The beautiful turquoise on your site really makes yor food pop out. Great choice in color. A simple, yet delicious dish.

Lazaro Cooks! said...


Smile and keep moving forward. Bad times pass. Life is so unpredictable, something amazing awaits right around the corner for you.

Keep doing your thing and inspiring us with your wit, generosity and fantastic smile.

Be good.

Angie's Recipes said...

Amazing! I hope you had prepared a lot more as I could have finished the whole plate...great clicks too!

She's Cookin' said...

Simple things are best - in food and in life! Smoked salmon on toast rounds are perfect and the touch of honey is all you! Change can be difficult, but I like to think things happen for a reason, stay positive, T!

Pacheco Patty said...

You've done a creative and beautiful job here Tanantha;-)
Keep up your great attitude and thanks for sharing such a wonderful presentation for an appetizer with us, your loyal fan,Patty;-)

Anonymous said...

Those are yummy little bites, love the addition of honey. Keep smiling!

Stella said...

Hey Tanantha, sorry that your'e having some issues that are keeping you from fully relaxing and enjoying things. It is important to stay appreciative of what you have and positive, so that you can be at least somewhat happy in perfect and not so perfect times. Sounds like you know that though;-)
Ooh, and these Smoked Salmon bites look wonderful-great idea to take simple bread and make something so fancy, Dearie (smile)...!

Monet said...

Oh your blog is looking so good, my dear friend. And I of course can relate. I'm having a hard time appreciating life right now too. It can be so easy to get bogged down. Thank you for sharing your creativity with me...and for making me smile. Your words are a source of joy in my life, and in the lives of many others. I hope you have a happy Friday. The weekend is almost here, and I'm ready for it!

Jessie said...

Hey Tanantha!

I've been thinking about you ever since you posted on FB. Chin up, dearie! The good times will come again, and with your gift to appreciate the beautiful and simple things in life, they will come again soon xoxo

This gorgeous appetizer is so easy to make, yet looks like you spent so long! Love the combo of flavors and colors! I'd definitely savor these at a party :)

Take care, Tanantha! Please do keep us updated!

Juliana said...

Wow, these are great to serve as appetizers, so cute and full of flavor. Beautifully it! Have a great week ahead Tanantha :-)

denise @ bread expectations said...

Hi Tanantha :) First I love your site makeover! So refreshing and really beautiful colours!

I am sorry to hear that your health is not so great but your perspective on life is so uplifting. We all need to remember that we can't really control life but we can control how we react to it.

Great appetiser and really beautiful presentation. Your photos are stunning, as always!

Bren said...

entirely too perfect for a brunch! Great idea for my mom's upcoming b-day party I'm throwing! So fresh and so sexy!

Chewie said...

Oh how beautiful! I love this kind of food! I really enjoy your blog!

Aaron from
Easy Chinese Canadian and Western Food

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